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Solving Symbol Lookup Error After Upgrading THC Hydra

Resolving Symbol Lookup Error After Upgrading Hydra. This is just a quick note about the problems I faced when upgrading the tool Hydra on Kali Linux. In my case, the error was in the libmongoc library.

Here’s what the error sounds like: hydra: symbol lookup error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libmongoc-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: mongocrypt_kms_ctx_get_kms_provider. Some of the ways that I have done is to reinstall the libmogoc and hydra packages. However, this did not solve the problem.

Almost half an hour of googling for the problem, and on average suggest compiling the libmogoc library from source directly. If possible, I would avoid it for fear of affecting other applications. Well, it turns out there is an easier solution, and it works. Namely by installing several additional packages, because the error that appears is caused by a missing package.

Here’s a solution to solve the symbol lookup error after upgrading hydra.

sudo apt install libmongoc-1.0-0 libmongoc-dev libbson-dev libbson-1.0-0

Now try running hydra again.

Ok, that’s a short sharing this time, hopefully it’s useful.

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