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Robotic Cockroaches

Japanese Scientists Make Robotic Cockroaches, What for?

Maybe never imagined before if there was a robot modified from cockroaches. This robot is claimed to be able to help in humanitarian missions.

Its small size makes it easy for these “cyborg” cockroaches to sneak into inaccessible places so that they can help search when natural disasters occur. This cockroach robot is also capable of being operated by remote control.

It was Kenjiro Fukuda and his team at The Thin-Film Device Laboratory who developed this breakthrough. The cockroach robot was created by combining cockroaches with a device in the form of a sheet of solar cell film.

The sheet of solar cell film attached to the cockroach’s body measures 4 microns or about 1/25 the width of a human hair. This allows the device to fit inside the cockroach’s body.

This part will later help the cockroach robot in terms of flexibility of movement. The solar cells in the film produce power that will process and send signals to the organs of the robotic cockroach.

This project was inspired by previous experiments at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The project has a mission to develop insect robots that make it easy to enter inaccessible and dangerous areas efficiently.

In his experiments, Fukuda used the Madagascar cockroach as a prototype. According to Fukuda, the size is large enough to make Madagascar cockroaches able to carry the equipment they need. Madagascar cockroaches also have no wings so they save space.

“The battery in this small robot runs out quickly, so the exploration time becomes shorter,” said Fukuda as quoted by Reuters.

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He said the next challenge in developing this cockroach robot is to shrink its constituent components. This needs to be developed in order to make it easier to move, install sensors, or even cameras

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