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How to Make a WhatsApp Link

How to Make a Wa.me/ Link for WhatsApp Chat Easier

WhatsApp has a ‘Click to chat’ feature that makes it easy for users to chat with phone numbers that are not stored in contacts with just one click of a link. This feature can be used by creating a WhatsApp Me link first.

WhatsApp is one of the applications that are often used in everyday life. In personal matters to work, WhatsApp is often chosen as a messaging platform. Not just one or two people, we can contact several people in one day on WhatsApp. The problem is, do you have to save the number first to send a message to the new person’s number?

With the click-to-chat feature, WhatsApp users can immediately start chatting with someone without having to save their number in contacts. But, you must have the phone number of the person you want to contact and that person also has an active WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp users simply create a link which, if clicked, will directly direct them to the WhatsApp contact of the intended person. This method is also usually used by businesses and online shops that put WhatsApp links on their social media so that they can be easily contacted by potential consumers.

Actually, there is an easy way to make you send a chat on WA without having to save the phone number of the person you want to call. You can do the following:

How to Create a WhatsApp Me Link

  • Open the browser from your smartphone
  • Type wa.me/phone number in the address column of the website you want to go to, according to international number standards, for example code 62 for Indonesia. Example: wa.me/6281098765432
  • Click or enter and you will be taken to the WhatsApp browser version.
  • Click Continue to Chat.
  • You will enter the WhatsApp application again, and you can start sending messages to the number in question.
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It’s no secret that the URL wa.me/phone-number, is often used by people to make it easier to send messages to people whose contact numbers have not been saved on our cellphones. If you want to make a broadcast by including the contact number, you can also use a similar trick, you know.

The trick is to include ‘wa.me/telephone-number’ in the message you send. Later the recipient of the message just clicks on the link and automatically enters the chat room of the intended person.

Okay, that’s an easy way to make you send a chat on WA without having to save someone’s phone number first. Easy isn’t it?

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