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Pixel Watch

Google Reveals the Original Pixel Watch, Launching October 6

Google revealed the original look and design of its smartwatch, Pixel Watch, to the Made by Google Youtube channel, Thursday (22/9/2022). However, the leaks shown don’t really have much novelty.

Because Google itself has revealed a number of specifications and looks of the Pixel Watch last May, at an annual Google I / O 2022 event. The new information found is that Google has finally revealed the official release date of its smartwatch.

This information is not included in the video, but in the video description. “Join us (on) #MadeByGoogle live on October 6 at 10am local time, you’ll want to watch it immediately,” Google wrote on the Made by Google YouTube channel.

With this short 51-second trailer, Google shows off the Pixel Watch’s design and appearance from various angles. Some models also wear the Pixel Watch, so consumers can get an idea of ​​how big the watch will be when worn on the wrist.

As the first watch launched by Google, the company still has not divulged the price tag of this product. The latest leak that has been circulating is that the Pixel Watch is set at a price of 350 US dollars (Rp 5.25 million), as summarized by KompasTekno from CNET, Friday (23/9/2022). For more details about the Pixel Watch made by Google, check out the following smart watch specifications.

Pixel Watch Design

This smart watch is designed to have a circular screen surrounded by a black bezel. Meanwhile, the entire body of the Pixel Watch is made of stainless steel.

On the right side of the device, the Pixel Watch has a “crown” positioned side by side with a function button. The crown is a physical button that functions as a button to access the application list (Home button).

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Then, around the body of the device, there are two small holes and a speaker hole. Then, on the lower side of the Pixel Watch, there is also a series of sensors that function to perform a number of features, such as monitoring heart rate or monitoring sleep quality.

Pixel Watch specifications

This device runs on Google’s operating system, namely WearOS 3 which is covered in an interface that can display notifications and directions. The device also supports 4G LTE network, GPS, and water resistant capabilities that can protect the device up to a depth of 50 meters.

Pixel Watch itself is positioned as a digital watch exclusively for Android devices. This indicates that the watch can only be connected to an Android phone, at least for Android OS 8.0 or later.

Therefore, to run the features on the Pixel Watch, users must first create a Google account. Supporting features that can be utilized from this smart watch consist of Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Wallet, and Google Home.

A feature that is no less important is the Emergency SOS feature, which is claimed to be able to help users make emergency calls or contact friends/family when in critical situations. Google also provides a Find My Device feature to make it easier for users to find/track the location of lost Google Pixel smartphones, earbuds, or other devices.

To support the activities of users who like to exercise, Pixel Watch also integrates a number of capabilities/features from Fitbit (a fitness accessories vendor that the company acquired in 2019). So, the device has an Active Zone Minutes feature that can be used to monitor and analyze statistics while exercising.

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The rubber band of this watch also provides several color options that can be customized. For more complete specifications, we wait for the official release from Google on 6 October.

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