Rabu , Desember 7 2022


3 Ways to Update WhatsApp Desktop on Laptop

Update WhatsApp Desktop

PAMIRBLOG.com – Update WhatsApp Desktop. WhatsApp is a telecommunications application that many people rely on. Starting from launching an application for mobile, then WhatsApp launched its application which can be used via desktop or WhatsApp Web. Even today, WhatsApp application developers continue to develop this application on a regular basis. …

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Top 5 How to Fixed for Setting Spotify not Working

Fixed fSpotify

PamirBlog.com, Fixed Spotify – In this busy world, there is one thing that literally all of us strive for – Music. And the king of audio streaming and media services, Spotify remains one of the most used apps for streaming music even now.   So imagine being all set to leave …

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Solving Symbol Lookup Error After Upgrading THC Hydra

Resolving Symbol Lookup Error After Upgrading Hydra. This is just a quick note about the problems I faced when upgrading the tool Hydra on Kali Linux. In my case, the error was in the libmongoc library. Here’s what the error sounds like: hydra: symbol lookup error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libmongoc-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: mongocrypt_kms_ctx_get_kms_provider. …

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How to Install XAMPP Web Server on GNU/Linux

How to Install XAMPP? XAMPP is free software, which supports many operating systems, is a compilation of several programs. Its function is as a stand-alone server, consisting of Apache HTTP Server programs, MySQL databases, and language translators written in the PHP and Perl programming languages. In this tutorial I will …

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